Go Online When Looking For Your Newest Pet

Go to a dog park, and you’ll most likely hear the names ‘Max’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Jack’, ‘Lucy’, and ‘Bailey’ yelled at any given time. These names seem to suit our four-legged companions better than most. After all, who’s ever heard of a dog named Bartholomew? On the other hand, chances are you’ve met plenty of ‘Max’s.

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When you’re on the market for a new dog, this is something to keep in mind. Do you want your newest family member to share the name with half of the dogs at the park, or do you want something a little more distinctive without coming across as pretentious? Picking a name for your dog can be a lot of fun, and you can either let the list of top names sway your choice or wait until the pup’s personality decides what suits him or her most.

What’s even harder than landing on a name that you like is finding your new pet. Going online to pet-finding classified community is your best route, as it gives you the ability to customize your search according to your needs and wants. If you prefer to have a puppy to train, you can search for those young pups that are ready for a new home; or, if you prefer to give a forever home for an older dog, you can search for those mature pets that are being surrendered. An online classified blog offers you a unique way of finding your new dog by putting you in control of your search. You only contact those sellers who have the dog that you want. For example, you can narrow you search by looking only for those dogs that are already fixed and up to date on all of their shots. In the long run, this option is a better financial option for new pet owners.

Once you get in contact with the current pet owners, you’ll also learn about the dog’s history and make sure they’re not from an abusive puppy mill. Buying animals from pet shops can encourage these mill practices and endanger the lives of many young dogs. Meanwhile, their parents are not considered viable pets and are just breeders to be put down after they serve their purpose. Buying a dog from someone in your community means that you can ask important questions about your new pet’s background and health.

Whether you name him ‘Jack’, ‘Buddy’, or ‘Elmo’, when you buy a dog online you’ll enjoy many benefits – for the dog as well as yourself! The dog finds a loving pet owner who’s willing to get them all of the love that they need, and you get a loyal companion who’ll improve your mental and physical health. With internet pet classified sites you can search for a dog near you and feel good in the fact that these sites carefully screen for scams and protect your rights as a future pet parent. Finding your new dog is now easier than ever and your new best friend could be in your own backyard.

Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide

Rabbits are phenomenal house pets thanks to their friendly nature, low maintenance and general cuteness. You can also house them either indoors or outdoors, making them pretty versatile for different types of homes. While indoor rabbits are perfectly happy and content, anyone who has a large space outside their home for a rabbit hutch should certainly make the investment. It will make the rabbit happier and keeps everything confined to one area, which makes like easier for the owners too. So what do you need to consider before selecting the right rabbit hutch?


Size is very important for the rabbit’s wellbeing, and the bigger in size you can allow its hutch to be the better. They enjoy moving around frequently, so a lack of space can be deterring towards the rabbits health which is why a minimum size of 6’ x 2’ x 2’ is always suggested. That’s only considering your average sized rabbit; there are plenty of larger species so you should always double check its size to ensure you picking out an appropriate hutch.

The main hutch should preferably come with a run attached of enough space inside the hit for general movement. Rabbits require a fair few hours of exercise, so the need enough space to run around and keep fit. Combining the hutch with a fenced run to a section of your garden should provide more than enough space, otherwise try looking for a pretty spacious hutch.


As natural prey for many predators such as foxes and even cats, a rabbit’s hutch should be safe and secure to avoid any potential harm towards the rabbit. A lot of hutches come with a basic wood slide lock, which can actually be opened by certain animals. This is why it’s worthwhile either buying a hutch with a slide bolt lock or even attach a padlock to exterior.

Also worth noting is the wire mesh section of a hutch. While they provide a nice source of natural light and fresh air, if attached too loosely, they can actually be torn off by shrewd enough predators. Mesh holes that are too big may even allow the likes of a cat to reach in with its paw and claw at your rabbit, which is something nobody wants. Look for more secure mesh such as weld mesh rather than chicken mesh, and perhaps secure it to the hutch using U-shaped nails or something similarly secure.


Hutches should never be low enough that they rest solely on the ground. Dampness can set in in this case, so selecting a raised hutch is always for the best. Failing that it is easy enough to attach legs on your own. As mentioned, the minimum height for a hutch should be 2ft, that doesn’t include wooden legs though as these are only used to raise the hutch and don’t provide any more space for the rabbit in the hutch.


The materials you choose for the hutch may determine the amount of repairs and the general longevity of your hutch. Plywood walls are always the cheapest options, though these will likely lead to quicker deterioration, costing more in the long run. A section of the hut will need to be made just from wood, to allow a secure location for the rabbit to hide when it is stressed or frightened, as well as having a nice warm location for sleeping in.

This means you should avoid too many sections with wired walls – the floor should NEVER have wired sections to it either. Solid floors will protect the rabbit from any harm unlike mesh. The floors will also face a fair amount of mess, which is why buying some floor lining for the floor of the hutch could be very worthwhile indeed. If taking this approach, always make sure that there is an edging strip where the floor and wall meet to prevent the rabbit from chewing up the lining material – a small make shift skirting board from thin pieces of wood will work a treat for this.

Finally, always use a water proof material for the roof. Having a slight overhand from you roof will also allow for water from the rain to be kept away from the interior of the hutch too, keeping your rabbit nice and dry.


Choosing a Dog as a Pet

Without doubt, one of the most popular animals to have as a pet in the UK is a dog, but would you know what to think about when deciding which dog to choose, and would you know what equipment you need and how to care for it? Here are some of the things you need to consider.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, in 2014 there were nine million dogs in the UK, making dogs the most popular pet after fish. However, getting a dog isn’t something that should be entered into lightly, and there are lots of things that you will need to consider.

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Choosing the Dog

The main thing to decide when choosing the dog is which breed you want to get. When making this decision, you will need to contemplate the fully grown size of the dog, the size of your property and whether you have any children at home. It is also important to consider how often they will need exercising and whether there is anybody at home during the day. The cost of keeping a dog is also something to think about. Not only are there the day-to-day costs of feeding and equipment, but you will also need to think about how you will pay for the dog to be treated by a vet should you require one.

Equipment and Services You Will Need

There are several pieces of equipment you will need, such as a lead, dog bed and food and water bowls. You may also want to purchase some toys which will keep your dog amused. You will need the services of a vet and may want to take out pet insurance to cover this. You may also require a dog grooming service. The Mirror recently reported on a dog grooming competition where owners groom their pets to look like film stars. However, if you want more traditional grooming, you should consider dog grooming in Cheltenham and services offered by Blossoms who offer dog grooming in Cheltenham.

Hopefully, this has shown that there are many things to consider when choosing a dog. It is important to think about getting a dog very carefully so that you don’t end up in a position where you will need to find the dog an alternative home.

What insurance to choose as a cycle courier

There are many advantages of using cycles and bikes for deliveries. They are economic, eco friendly, healthier for delivery guys and they are also quicker in places that have lots of vehicular traffic or narrow roads. But cycles or bikes have a problem. They are difficult to insure. It is common knowledge that cycles or bikes are more vulnerable than vans or trucks, they are less safe for delivery personnel and the cargo is also at a relatively greater risk of getting damaged. So, the insurance policy for cycle couriers will be more expensive, less comprehensive and it may be very difficult to get.

Courier services will obviously want to save money on insurance but that should not be done at the cost coverage or by having plenty of exemptions. Whether it entails parcel delivery England to Spain or from Germany to Italy, courier services must have adequate insurance for cycles. Here is a brief guide to choose the best cycle courier insurance.

  • Always consider an insurance company that deals with cycles as one of its main financial products. Most insurance companies will not have any cycle insurance, whether it is used for personal purposes or for courier services. Very few insurance providers actually have a cycle insurance portfolio. You need to look for those that have expansive portfolios. Having only one insurance policy at your disposal will not work in your favor.
  • Check out the exact purposes for which an insurance provider will offer coverage. The nature of the cargo, the kind of routes taken or the rider’s profile, all such factors will come into play. Cycles delivering documents or such parcels will have a different requirement than those carrying consumer electronics. Each type of cargo will have a certain insurance requirement and that has to be taken into account while choosing a policy.
  • You must factor in the exemptions. The main problem with cycle courier insurance is the list of exemptions. They can be so many that it is likely that you would not get to make any claims when some untoward incidents do happen. It is best to declare every particular detail about the modus operandi of a delivery, from cargo to routes, type of cycle to the nature of risks that may exist, and only then should a policy be chosen. This is the only way to ensure that there is claimable coverage when you need it. Don’t just blindly pay a premium without delving in these details.

How to train your (bearded) dragon

As cold-blooded animals from the deserts of Australia, the living environment of a bearded dragon must be artificially controlled and maintained around the clock. Bearded dragons are otherwise easy to monitor and care for, and make great pets for older children and adults.

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Choice of vivarium

Pet supplies retailer Pets At Home goes into great depth about how to care for a bearded dragon. The type and size of the tank ‒ or vivarium ‒ you buy will depend on the size and quantity of your animal or animals. A fully-grown bearded dragon is around one foot long and should live in a vivarium at least four times its own length. Groups of dragons require a larger vivarium with a greater range of basking spots and secluded areas.

Escaped dragon

Although bearded dragons enjoy gentle handling and are usually calm and easygoing, they can be surprisingly quick on their feet. US news website OregonLive shared a story about a seven-year-old dragon who escaped from his owner’s garden. Buddy was found a month later sunning himself in a golf course car park down the road from his home. After a frantic search Buddy was reunited with his owner, who will now be keeping a more vigilant eye out for him.

Light and food

An array of UV lights are needed to create a well-lit temperate environment for your dragon to grow and take on sufficient calcium. A spotlight is also necessary to provide a basking area. Levels of light, temperature and humidity should be carefully monitored, with any malfunctioning equipment quickly replaced. When buying a bearded dragon the staff at any good pet shop, such as those at TheReptileCentre in Northampton, can advise on the correct way to light a vivarium.

The decor of the vivarium should reflect some aspects that occur in the dragon’s natural habitat, such as stones, logs, and real or artificial plants. While younger dragons of less than one foot should be fed ample amounts of live insects ‘dusted’ in calcium and multivitamin supplements, which they can enjoy hunting in the same way as their wild cousins, adult dragons prefer an almost entirely vegetarian diet. Fresh green vegetables such as lettuce, rocket and watercress are ideal, while dried foods provide a good alternative.

What Pet Preference Says About a Person: Dog vs. Cat People

If you ask a stranger on the street whether he or she is a cat or a dog person, you are very likely to get a pretty quick and straight answer. It is like a choice between Pepsi or Coke, or strawberry and vanilla, the answer can anyway say a lot about you and your behavior.

As experts say, dog people are a little more outgoing and cat people are a much more aloof, because the latter are really very familiar to the cats in this issue. At the same time it is a well-known fact that cats are considered to be more intelligent than dogs, but many dog owners say that everything is vise versa and these are dogs who are simply brilliant. Cat owners on the other hand do not fall behind saying that intelligence is actually the key difference between the dog and cat owners. There is no surprise that cats are much more independent as compared to dogs and so are the cats’ owners.

According to the surveys which were held all over the world, it was concluded that almost 62 percent of all households in the world have at least one pet. At this point dogs win the race of popularity; they got 39 percent of the households owning one or more dogs; this number was compared to 33 percent of the world’s households owning at least one cat.

The issue why one prefers cats to dogs and the other one likes dogs more has been getting increased research over the past decades. Many scientists at major academic institutions have spent a lot of time and resources to understand why people can be in fact divided into two groups basing on this parameter.

On a practical level, researchers say that we all tend to gravitate with that animal with which we have been raised. Another huge factor is age and living space. Apartment owners in most urban areas are more likely to get a cat or a small dog, while big families in the suburbs living in the houses tend to have larger dogs like bull mastiffs or retrievers. Young parents or parents with young children choose to have energetic dogs that can play with the kids outside, while older couples or single people are more attracted by having the more low-key cat.

Geography is one more big factor to influence your choice of making cats or dogs to be your pets. In Saudi Arabia people are much more likely to get a cat while in Siberia people prefer having big dogs.

Some investigators from the USA said that those who define to be “dog people” are much more extroverted, agreeable and self-described “cat people.”

In the matter of fact, professors say that it is the issue of the person’s beliefs and stereotypes about anything in this life. Kijiji infographic showed us who wins the battle of cats vs. dogs, but this still can be considered as stereotypes, which are absolutely normal and regular for all the people.

A Veterinarian In Claremont For Your Precious Pet

Finding a high quality veterinarian in Claremont can be an extremely important thing to do if:

  • Your pet is a high priority in your life
  • Your dog or cat requires specialist care – dermatology problems, geriatric care and so on
  • You believe in regular vaccinations for your pet.

There are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are looking for a highly reputable veterinarian service in your location.

Look at the antecedents or reputation

The logical beginning to your search for a veterinarian in Claremont is online of course. But more importantly, you should be able to check up on the history and reputation of the veterinarian service before you ‘signup’ with your final choice. Such a reputation should include:

  • A long-standing record in the field of animal care
  • Certifications and accreditations
  • Doctors who are extremely qualified and are at the helm of affairs
  • A commitment to personal and professional care of your pet.

The personal touch

There is absolutely no denying the fact that state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic technology can go a very long way in maintaining and enhancing the health of your precious pooch. But, more importantly, the doctors and the staff at the veterinarian service or hospital should also make a personal commitment to your pet. This means giving adequate attention to the well-being of your pet, especially when the pet comes in for surgery.

Ideally, the veterinarian service in Claremont should also have boarding facilities which will put the comfort of your pet over every other consideration. This will definitely give you the added level of confidence that you need when it comes to the well-being and health of your dog or cat.

Range of services

It may be something as simple as a regular vaccination for your pet or it could be something as complex as emergency care or extensive surgery. The veterinarian in Claremont should be able to provide you with all the services that you and your pet need. Even something as traumatic as euthanasia should come with a guarantee of dignity and comfort. Therefore, it is an extremely good idea for you to look at the range of services and facilities that your veterinarian can provide.

Lab services should also be included in this because high-quality and accurate blood tests, x-rays and even ultrasound are the only way in which a veterinarian can make an informed decision about any course of treatment for your pet.

Puppies: What to Feed Young Dogs and When

You’ve just brought your little bundles of joy home from the breeder and you need to know right now how to keep them healthy and help them grow strong with the right nutrients and the correct food. Puppies have specific nutritional needs, different to adult dogs, so it is important to learn how to feed them correctly with the best food. For example, they need plenty of energy for growth and play, and good quality food to prevent disease. Are you confused about what to feed a puppy? Read on for advice and guidance.

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When Should Puppies Have Solid Food?

Most puppy dogs are weaned from their mother at around six weeks, and after this they will be purely on a diet of solid food. Before the weaning is completed, puppies need to have some solids at the four-month mark. At this point they experience a gap in calories between what they need and what they can get from the mother dog’s milk. For dogs below the age of eight weeks, dry dog food should be mixed with water until it is mushy.

How Often Should Puppies Eat?

It depends largely on the size of the dog and his activity levels but in general puppies should get specialist puppy hundfoder three times a day. After they reach the age of six month the feedings can be cut to two a day. There are many feeding charts available to decide how much to feed a puppy in each serving. Remember that puppies are growing rapidly at this stage in their life and they need a lot of calories to get the energy they need for growth. It is difficult to know for sure whether a puppy is eating too much, and you should certainly not worry about obesity until puppies are over the age of eight weeks – before this it is common for a puppy to look a little chubby.

What Should I Feed my Puppy?

The best food choice for a puppy is a specialist puppy food that has been developed with the needs of young dogs in mind. The puppy food should be of good quality, with a good balance of nutrients and calories. The food should be nutritious and include the vitamins and minerals a puppy needs for daily life. If in doubt, consult your vet to find out what is recommended for your particular breed.

Can Puppies Have Treats?

Puppies can have treats but it is best to limit treats, which may not be providing the complete nutritional balance they need. Treats should be tailored in size to the size of your dog, and you shouldn’t get into the habit of giving a puppy scraps from the table as this encourages begging and may set your dog up for digestive illness. Treats shouldn’t be a substitute for spending time with your dog, playing, and exercise. Be careful with foods that humans see as treats but are actually harmful to dogs like chocolate, raisins, avocados, and grapes.

What is the need of having an emotional support animal letter?

Psychiatrist or a licensed medical health professional prescribes support animals to some patients suffering from emotional and psychological disabilities. These animals are also included in the treatment program. ESAs can bring comfort and easiness to those patients. These animals can reduce the symptoms of psychological issues in those people. ESA can be a dog, cat or some other animal. These can eliminate a person from a triggering situation and help in easing their emotional turmoil. People who are subscribed to have ESA should have an emotional support animal letter in order to take their pet wherever they wish to go even to the places where pet animals are banned. Planes, housing societies and hotels are some places where pet animals are not allowed. If you have an ESA letter from a licensed health professional, you can bring your pet to these places.

How to get emotional support animal letter?

If you are having a mental disability and you cannot leave your ESA, you should consider approaching a medical professional who may be a psychiatrist or therapist. The professional will conduct a test and write you an ESA. It should be noted that the letter must be updated every year since it cannot be accepted until it is less than a year old. The emotional support animal letter should also be printed on the professional letterhead. The person who recommends the letter must be a licensed mental health specialist. The credentials of him or her have to be legitimate. In case of bringing ESA during travelling, various airlines may contact the office of mental health profession in order to verify the legitimacy of the letter. So, it is very important to get a letter from an approved health professional.

What should be mentioned in the letter?

The emotional support animal letter should reveal everything that an authority needs to clarify about it. The type of disability a person suffering from must be mentioned in the letter. This is very essential for the health, well being and treatment of the patient during the flight. The professional who writes and signs the letter is the one who cares the patient. So, the letter should state the role of the professional such as psychologist, psychiatrist and clinical social worker. An ESA letter must also contain the information about the certificate of the professional that includes state, type and date. The letter must not be dated more than one year from the departure date or date of issue. Housing ESA letter is same as normal ESA letter. As per the housing amendments act, landlords should allow tenant to live with their emotional support animal. Property manager or landlord will verify the letter to ensure that a person suffers from emotional disabilities and he or she is under the treatment. Nowadays, people can undergo a medical test online at the site of the mental health professional. Through a set of questions the problem of a person is analyzed and they are given ESA letter through email.

Get the best quality Persian kitten at your locality

Summary: If you are a first time cat owner and fascinated by the beauty of a Persian kitten then read on. Here you can find locate the best quality Persian kitten at an affordable price. There are different types of Persian kittens to choose form.

Elegance is the ultimate word associated with Persian kittens. They are the most adorable and the most beautiful kitten that one can have. The extra small Persian kittens are called tea cup kitten. They are most stunning babies among the Persian cat family. The best place to buy such Persian kitten is to look for a reliable breeder online. If you are first time buyers then you need to be very sure about the quality of the breeder.

How to buy a Persian kitten

The best way to buy Persian kitten is from an experienced breeder. Numerous such bidders are there who are running a business in this sector for years. They sell the healthiest and the best breed of the Persian kittens. However, before picking up a Persian kitten you need to fix an appointment with your nearest breeder. Make sure that the breeder you choose spends time after the kittens to offer you the best one.

Types of Persian kitten

Persian kittens come in different colors and types. The most common types available are

  • Chinchilla shaded
  • Golden shaded
  • Silver shaded
  • Doll Face white

The other available types are Dilute Persian kittens, Tabby Persian kittens, Calico Persian kittens, Bi-color Persian kitten and solid Persian kitten. Whatever type you buy make sure to consider the best breeder where you can get the best quality Persian kitten for sale.

Bring home your Persian kitten

As Persian kittens are the most pampered kitten types so, you to make few arrangements before you bring home your new member to the family. You must buy the proper litters and trays for your kitten. Numerous varieties are available in the market. Such litter trays also comes in different shapes and sizes.

Toys are also important for these cute Persian kittens. They love to play with soft balls filled with catnip. They must also have separate bowls for food and water. You should always buy food and water bowls that are easy to clean and carry. A very comfortable bed is also a must for these delicate and sophisticated kittens. Before you make up your mind to bring home your Persian kitten give a call to the breeder you select to find out if there are Persian kittens for sale.